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The sun breaks dawn, and our eyes awaken. The clock ticks. What is freedom? Honking horns and busy streets? Who is free? When the lights are out, then – and only then – are we free. When your imagination dominates, then – you are free. More powerful than your emotions and stronger than your will. Your imagination, will take you to depths that you do not know. It will guide you beside quiet waters and green pastures. And it can make your fears come alive.

The imagination is our playground, for we are the freedom fighters. We make the imagination come alive. Echelon, turning dust into gold, our expertise will behold – beauty, grace – elegance dancing with the wind. Our keystrokes, a magic wand – every step is met with intention manifesting utopias. Bringing life to souls – stilling time. A panacea to a dull and fragile society that disbelieves in the imagination. A society which tells all to see black and white. To disregard the color, to exterminate the abstract.

Well we disagree, for the hearts of men and women everywhere vein for creativity. We subconsciously look for it everywhere. Echelon will not stand for creative mediocrity. We are the freedom fighters. We will touch the hearts of men and women with love and grace. We will affect all. For the greater good we stand. Our vision, and Imagination, coupled with vigor and passion, we will rise. We will fight. We will go against the grain. We will walk against the waves, and create a beautiful wake and an everlasting legacy. We are Echelon.