Do Americans Really have Freedom of Speech?

Do Americans Really have Freedom of Speech?

It has been common today to dismiss people’s views on certain subjects, so are people really getting to use their right of Freedom of Speech? When given the topic of Freedom of Speech most people will agree that anyone can state their own opinion, but when their opinion’s clash, some believe that the other person is slandering them. You would think that the option to state your opinion freely without getting yelled at or told that your unfair. Americans today tend to believe Freedom of Speech Is Limited, such as you can say your opinion as long as It doesn’t offend anyone else.

Oliver Km acknowledges in the article “Free Speech Should Not is Regulated” (Civil Liberties 2009) ‘The traditional balance between free speech and respect for the feelings of others is evidently becoming harder to sustain’. Freedom of Speech today has drastically changed since put into effect, people are afraid to say what they believe in because they do not want to upset anyone. Freedom of Speech Is defined as the right to express any pollens without censorship or restraint. Such a right was put Into effect by the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution.

People acknowledge such freedom as a cautionary thing or even abuse such freedom. Some will say ‘I can say whatever I want’ and others will tell them ‘don’t say that it’s offensive’. Technically Americans do not have Freedom of Speech, because if they did have it then people would not worry about what other people think of what their beliefs are. The opinions should only matter to us! Freedom of Speech will not only be offensive to some people, the thing In which the pollen Is based will alone upset people. So Freedom of Speech Is a popular introversion subject, such as the Freedom to talk about Religion freely.

Americans will say they have the right to speak as we want about religion but do we really? If one person is Muslim and another is Christian, they obviously believe different. Based on the Constitution both people have the right to speak freely about both religions, but the Muslims generally do not want to hear about Christians beliefs, and the Christians do not want to hear about Muslims belief. In that case do these two Individuals have Freedom of speech? Yet some readers may challenge the view of Freedom of Speech in politics.

Some of the most voiced people in America other than actors are politicians, such being said that Americans take everything the politicians say serious and to heart. If one politician would say I’m all for letting murderers get away with murder but another says that it’s wrong. We as Just people would say that the apolitical who states murder is wrong would be the best choice to vote for. The Internet Is a source of Freedom of Speech also. When on any social media site, you may post something that other people might not agree on, that would be your redeem of speech associated with media.

On certain sites you can ‘Like, “Rewet’, and even Share’ things that go along with you beliefs. Now on any media site it’s easier to become more defensive, due to the fact that it never goes away but we, as Americans, need to remember that people who post deferent than what you agree general is one of the main sources of Freedom of Speech. When in a public place and talking to a friend of how you believe in a certain thing you are interrupted by a complete stranger telling you of how he very much disagrees with what you believe in.

Well he can be offended all he wants because you as a citizen of the United States who in defense can claim the First Amendment which states all about the Freedom of Speech. Common sense seems to dictate the difference in beliefs may not always be the right choice. Such as your beliefs will be the ‘Correct’ belief for you, but for the other person your belief is completely wrong. Such difference in beliefs is why the founders of the U. S. Constitution put in the First Amendment the Freedom of Speech. In conclusion, as suggested earlier, defenders of Freedom of Speech can’t have it OTOH ways.

Their assertion that we as Americans can say anything we want is contradicted by their claim that people can’t say their own opinion if it offends someone else. The right of Freedom of Speech is a right that no man will ever want to give up, but we as Americans take this right for granted without even realizing it. People in this day and age will say they have Freedom of speech but do they really? When someone states something it is their right to say as they please, without worrying if it offends someone else. Although Politicians are very out spoken they are also hated if they say something that is wrong.

When being a public figure like that you must be very careful on what you say but also how you say it. The other source Freedom of Speech is media, such as internet, TV, or even advertising. When on these medias you must be careful on what you say it is going to be there forever. You can say whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it will not offend anyone else. With all of the previous statements in mind, do we as Americans have the right to say as we want? Why yes we do, but that does not mean we won’t get offended by others or we might even offend others.