Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom

Ample who works for Bike in his clinic, comes to Woods office to speak to him, about this article. She is very angry, because she thinks, that Woods has printed rubbish about Bike and that he is uninformed about the ideas that Bike has. So she invents him to meet Bike in his banning area. Character I Quote I Conflict I Donald Woods * Brave * Rich * Strongly disagree of police using brutality against black * 42 years old * Editor of the Dally Dispatch * Lives In South Africa, East London I ‘Well, DRP Rampage, Vive written against white prejudice, and If you think I’m going to Ignore black prejudice, then you’re complaining to the wrong man! I White policemen were treating the black people badly and Woods disagree of the way they dealt with black people, even though he agrees with the law of separating the black and the white. I Chapter 2: After having an address from DRP. Rampage, Mr.. Woods drove his white Mercedes from East London to the North and reached the black township, a few kilometers from the center of King Williams Town, where Bolo lived. When he arrived that address, he saw an old church with small trees around It and bits of broken fence ND he also noticed that there were 2 security policemen under a tree near there.

He waved to them. After that, he rang the rusty bell and immediately the door opened by a young black woman. She greeted him with a warm smile and she was friendly, not the sort of person he expected. She was Stave’s wife, her name is Antiskid. While he was walking inside the church followed Antiskid, he was surprise because there were many people and they were doing many things like painting the walls, putting up partitions, sewing, and making children’s toys. Then Antiskid opened a side door and elated Woods o go in there.

It was an untidy church yard with long grass, a huge old tree in the center, and a small building at the other side. He felt annoyed to find someone at there, but he thought that there was something watching him. Truly, there was a tall black fugue near the tree. He was Bike, but Woods didn’t recognize him at that time until they both went Into the small building. It was a small office In the yard. Bolo was young and handsome; his deep, dark eyes were alive and sensitive. In that office Mr.. Woods and Bike started their conversation with the words “System” and “Liberal”.

Steve Bike * Important fugue of Black Consciousness * Live in King Williams town * Husband of Antiskid * He is a banned person * Smart & Courageous * Brilliant and brave * Never got angry * Always spoke softly I “l would have met you in the church, but as you know I can be with only one person at a time. The System are Just across the street. ” I He fought for the equality between black and white people and for the non-violence. He didn’t want to be humiliated and didn’t hesitate to answer to the white people who didn’t treat him like a human.

I Chapter 3: Some days later Woods meets Steven Bike in an old church were he wants to make a centre for black people. First he is critical against Bike, but then he listens to Bike ‘s opinion and they mentally changed the roles. Bike also goes with Woods to the clinic, which Bike has built. The clinic is only for black people, with black workers and a black doctor. But Woods already think that black and white should work together, but he also understands, that the blacks wants something that they put up themselves.

At the end Bike invites Woods to come and see how black people in South Africa really live. Character I Quote I Conflict Wendy * Dona’s wife * 37 years old * Play piano well * Slender * Vital body * More liberal politically than Woods I “From churches, abroad. From black people. Even some companies gave them some money. ” I When she saw what the police was doing to black people, she convinced her husband to go to Kruger. As her husband, she is against injustice. When her husband told her about the book and that he had to leave the country, she cared at first about their children.

She is a good mutter and she also cared for the security of Woods. I Chapter 4-5: In the black township, they eat with a black family. Bike, the family and are discussing about the system, the history how the white came to South Africa and how the black people got their bad situation which they have now. After this visit Woods change his mind, because he sees for the first time how worse the black has to live, how big their despair is but also how strong their togetherness stay.

At the end of this day Bike and Woods become friends. Character I Quote I Conflict Nameplate Mayhap * A black guy * Who took Woods to football match I As Woods looked at all those black faces, tired and unsmiling, he felt that the whole black world, which he had believed he knew so well, had a life he was totally unaware. I He worked at the office where Woods work and he died during the story. He showed to Woods and Ken the “transit camps”, where people without permits are sent. This place will shock Woods and Ken.

I Character I Quote I Conflict Teeny Monotints * A young girl * Worked at the clinic I “What you are saying is that your society is better than ours, so you liberals are going to teach us how to do things Steve Bike made. She was near at the doctor Ample Rampage and she also wanted that things change. I Chapter 6: Six weeks later Woods gives Teeny and Nameplate, two friends of Bike, a Job in his newspaper. Nameplate takes Woods and Ken to a footballer of the black. Instead of the match Bike held a speech. Ken and Woods were convinced by this speech and the ideas Bike represent.

Character I Quote I Conflict Ken Robertson * Productive newsmen for woods * Not smart as his boss * Slightly overweight I Ken had heard that yesterdays meeting of the Broad had been noisy, but he had not guessed this! I He took very dramatic pictures of the raid on Crossroad. He had street smarts and an eye for trouble. He knew Woods looked on IM as a favorite. He enjoyed keeping secrets as he took the pictures. I Chapter 7: After the match Bike is caught by the police because an informer of the government had told the police about the speech. In the police office Bike gets hit by Captain De Wet.

After the fight between Bike and De Wet two policemen throw Bike out of the office. Two weeks later Bike is a main witness for the defense of two student organizations who arranged two years before a large meeting in support of the new government in Macaque. Woods prints the words of Bike although it is against the law. Character I Quote I Conflict Captain De Wet * Worked at the King Williams town police station * A violent person I Mimi are going to be in big trouble soon. You’ll be up there in court facing all kinds of charges. ” I He was the one who spoke with Steve Bike when he was arrested by the police because of football grounds.

He appeared as a violent person who didn’t hesitate to hit Bike and treated him as an animal. The only reason he stopped the other guys to hit him it’s because Bike didn’t have to have visible scars or something which proved some violence against him. Otherwise, he certainly had hit Bias lot. I Chapter 8: In this night Captain De Wet and two other policemen smash all things of value in the church. Donald Woods cannot print this in his newspaper because the witness is a black man called Dilemma and if Woods prints his name, Dilemma would kill by the police.

So Woods approach to Kruger, the Minister of Police, and speaks with him about the incident. The minister declares him that he will pursues that matter because he doses ‘t want that such sort of things happen. Woods thinks that the police men aren’t as worse as many blacks think, Woods unfortunately trust him. Character I Quote I Conflict Kruger * Minister of police I “Look, Mr. Woods, I promise you, we have reason to decided to see him when Captain De Wet attacked the church. He betrayed Woods because he signed the banning order against Woods which forbid him to write or to leave the district of East London.

He was a liar and a bad person at all. I Chapter 9- 18: But on Sunday afternoon two policemen come and want to know the name of the witness from Woods. Woods explains them that he was by Kruger and he cannot say the name but the two answer that they have order from the top. Woods gets angry because Kruger had betrayed him. Because the two haven a warrant Woods could send them away without saying the name. It does not happen anything for weeks and Woods thinks that it is alright. But it is not. One night the two policemen check the passport of Woods black housekeeper Availing.

Woods throws them out of his property. The next day, the police take revenge: Three men Jump out of a car and take Nameplate in it. Donald Woods thinks that Nameplate gets beaten by them and that they make an example so that no other black person will dare him. Two days later Teeny gets arrested without any charges. After a week Nameplate is dead. The official explanation of the death from Nameplate is, that he hanged himself. But Bike and Woods cannot believe that, so Bike demands a inquest. Teeny is the main witness at the inquest but the Judge closes the inquest without fix the death of Nameplate on anybody.

Bike drives to Cape Town to speak in an important meeting of black students although he knows that it’s forbidden for him. On the way back form Cape Town the car was stopped by the police and they want to see the papers from Bike. As they recognize the person in the car, they arrest him promptly to the prison in Port Elizabeth. Six days later the police call a doctor to look at Bike. The body is covered with bruises, the forehead and eyes seriously injured. On the chest and lips are cuts. The doctor orders to bring Bike in a hospital.

Although the doctor tells them that Bike possible has a brain damage they want to bring him to the police hospital in Pretoria a 1000 kilometers away and not to Port Elizabeth Which is only 4 kilometers away because they would have the control about him. The doctor cannot do anything against the police and so they put Bike on a blanket at the floor in the back of a Land Rover. Then they drive with Bike on thousand km rough country roads and during the Rooney Bike’s head is bumping on the floor. Bike dies and Woods prints a article about him with the headline “BIKE DIES IN CUSTODY”.

The Minister of Police denies police responsibility and he says that Bike has been arrested outside his banning area and died because he starved himself to dead. One day after Bikes dead Antiskid, who is the wife of Bike, Woods and Ken go to the mortuary to find out how Bike actually died. They were all shocked by the appearance of Bike’s body, the lips are swollen, a huge lump on the forehead and many bruises around his eyes. Ken suddenly puts out a small camera and makes photos of Bikes body. Woods and his wife arrive at the funeral and they see thousands of black people with pictures of Bike.

There would come more black people but there are road-blocks of the police. The mood of the crowd is angry but also sorrowful. After a speech the crowd begin to sing the African Song which Steven Bike loved. Woods wants that other newspapers Dispatch. But all the other newspapers are also afraid and wouldn’t fight the system this way. So Woods decides to fly to New York under a false name. The day he leave he sends the photos to England an America printed the pictures of Bike’s body and emends on an inquest. But on the airport two security stoop Woods and bring him in an office.

There Lieutenant Buses reads from a warrant to Woods that he becomes a banning person for five years. Although the police forbid Woods to write he starts to write a book about Bike’s life, because he thinks that Bikes ideas have to live on. After speaking with some friends he realize that, if he publishes the book he and his family has to escape from South Africa if they don t want to get killed. Wendy first doesn’t agree with this idea and the two have a big conflict. A few days later, the hillier of Woods reached a anomy parcel with poisoned Shirts.

After this awful experience Wendy also wants to publish the book. So Woody quickly begins to plan the escape with Father Kanji and Bruce McCullough. The 31st December in the night Woods escape begins: He disguise himself in father Current and Wendy drives Woods to King Williams town, from where he hitch-hike to a place beyond Question. There he meet Father Kant, who drives him to the edge of the river Tell. In the early morning of the 1st January Woods should crossover the river but it doesn’t work because the river was too wide and deep. So he went back to the edge of the river.

Woods knows that Tama, a friend of Bike lives near, so he walks to him. Tama brings him by car to the Tell Bridge, when Woods wants to open the gate, a Land Rover stoop in front of him. Fortunately the man, called Moses, was from the postal service and he even take Woods to Maseru. At the passport station he has no problems, so he gets to Lesotho without more problems. There he quickly phones to his family, they also follow. Moses brings Woods to the point where he meets Bruce, who brings him to Maseru, where he talks to the British acting high Commissioner to ask him to enter their country.

The next morning Woods family also arrives in Lesotho. The whole family gets passports from the United Nations and flees with a private pilot, who wills to fly over South Africa without landing. Woods felt a little sad when he sees his homeland because he might never see it again. But he was also happy, because he will publish his book and show Bike’s ideas to the whole world. He hopes that men’s minds could be change, before the price become too high. In his mind he hears the crowd of thousands singing at Bikes funeral. Character I Quote I Conflict I

Availing * Woods’ family black maid * Did house-cleaning and other housework for the Woods’ family * A black woman I “She’s a woman, not a female Bantu! You think you’re talking to an animal? ” * She is in a good family which respects him. When the policemen came to see her pass – book in the middle of the night, when she was frightened, that she was asthmatic. She is very appreciated in this family because everyone in the house was afraid about what happen to Availing. Woods protected her against the police and took risk for her. She was lucky because she was in a good family who cared for her. She is treated like a woman with rights. I