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Cry Freedom Steve Bantu Bike was born December 18th 1946 and died September 12th 1977. He was an apartheid activist in South Africa in the sass till sass. He did founded the Black Consciousness Movement, which would empower much of the urban black population. And he became famous for his slogan “black Is beautiful”, the meaning of It was that you should be happy as you are and begin to look upon yourself as a human being. Steve Bike wanted to be a doctor and ergo Is the reason why he studied at a medical school.

He was only 30 when he died. The reason of his death Is because he was tortured by the police through 24 days, and then died at a police station In Pretoria. In his short life, he managed to get married and got two children. A year after his death, some of his writings were released under the title “l write what I like”. About 15 years after his death, the movie “Cry Freedom” was released and Is based on the story of South African activist Steve Bantu Bike and “Asking for trouble”, books y Donald Woods.

The movie shapes itself around the friendship between Donald Woods, a white liberal journalist, and Steve Bike, the intellectual who expands Dona’s horizons. The first half of the movie is about the concentrating on Stave’s career, but the other half concerns Dona’s escape from South Africa. An hour or so into the movie, Steve Bike dies and it falls into a story about how a white South African (Donald Woods) newspaper editor flees from the South African police to publish the truth.

Before Steve Bike dies, the brave newspaper editor, Donald Woods attacks Steve Bike as a “black racist”, but regrets his views after a personal meeting with him. Then Donald wants to take on the cause against apartheid to promote Stave’s view among the white and black populations of South Africa. But then Donald was banned by the South African police. And then he flees from the South African police to publish his story about how Steve Bike was murdered in prison.