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“We Should Cherish our Children’s Freedom to Think” In ‘We Should Cherish our Children’s Freedom to Think,” Eke Ho argues that the education that are being taught today, children have choices in what they are interested in, and the manners they show are taken lightly. Ho argues that back in his day, the performance in a classroom, children were disciplined and the lessons were straightforward.

Some things said or written in a classroom or paper were sensitive, ND penalties would be given to whatever it is that seems offensive or inappropriate. Nowadays, children have easy, and strict disciplined isn’t enforced. Children can speak freely on their opinions and choose what they whatever they want to write. Creativity and freedom of speech are the advantages of this country, contrast with others, which are enforced with little opportunities. Key Passages: “In my high school years, we were models of dedication and obedience: we sat to listen, to answer only when asked, and to give the only correct answer. (1 1 3) “Critics f American education cannot grasp one thing, something that they don’t truly understand because they are never deprived of it: freedom. Response: I thought that the author’s argument was inspiring. I can really relate to what the author was trying to convey. I remember when I was younger my education was forced upon what was given to me and I had no choice of what I was learning. But attending college I feel that I have as much freedom to pick any classes I want most of the time with the days and time. Just that as an adult you have more responsibilities, know what needs to be done and telling.

To me In today education children are very lucky to have the education system we have today because children have the right to do whatever they want in the classroom such as freedom of speech and chose of the action. I also feel like out education system is great compares to out countries because we have so many branches to go our own path instead of everyone just going the same one. Like in China all students were to learn the same and didn’t have their own identity. I love our education system Just that there’s also a lot of negativity into education.

Such as student’s lack of motivation in school, self esteem ND how schools/teachers are lowering the circumstances so student can pass. In my opinion our education system is better than our parent’s education but I fear the education system after us. Why? The living style that we have today such as technology has make everyone life so easy with Just one touch. And for younger children to be already attach to Pads, Phones and game systems. Can the new technology now benefit the future of society? Can we really sacrifice our children’s then because everything is given to them and they Just don’t know how lucky they are.