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Achieving Freedom by Writing First of all, what is writing? Writing is a way to express something we have to say using a textual medium by using a paper and a pen. It is also a peaceful way to express our feelings because it does not bring harm to ourselves and to everyone around us. I have once watched the movie entitled “Freedom Writers”. The Freedom Writers Is a true story film which Is about a teacher named Ms.

Gruel who tries to make a difference with her freshmen students. She Is very determined and has the will to teach her students no matter what their attitudes are. Ms. Gruel’s students re teenagers who had experienced being In a gang and Involved In the Los Angels riots. She loves her profession so much that she preserves herself to get her Job done even If her students have attitude problems thus, she never let her students down and she never abandoned them.

But In the end, she managed to solve her student’s problems and she also compiled to Freedom Writer’s Diary. My personal reaction regarding the movie was very touching and good because of its plot and characters. The movie was very touching because the story is reflected by many people in the world. The movie is also an eye- opener which makes you realize hat you are not the only person with problems. My favorite character is Ms. Gruel because she is the one who made the Freedom Writers possible.

She also show passion on her work as a teacher. Most of all, she didn’t care about what she will get instead the future of her students. I also liked her personality because she is very kind and make good decisions that lead her to success. I was inspired by Mrs.. Gruel because she made me realize that I should push forward in what you’re doing and never give up unto it. She also made me realize that writing is a way to express yourself which makes you free.